AMC proved to be excellent

To the editor:

I do not know if it is common knowledge within the Saranac Lake region, but in case you do not know, I want to inform you that we have a great resource in the Adirondack Medical Center.

I was a patient in this very fine hospital for 40 days, and that is a long time to be a patient in an acute-care hospital. I was given plenty of time to evaluate many components, departments, people and professions; all earned an “excellent.”

On Nov. 9, Dr. McCahill recognized that I needed a gastroenterologist and personally called Dr. Abodeely, requesting that he meet with me, an intervention I believe saved my life. Dr. Abodeely admitted me that day. While he served as my main doctor, I found him to be a skilled surgeon and physician who works well with others and has a great sense of humor.

In addition, I thank Dr. Roland, a vascular specialist. He was there on one of my admissions when an X-ray showed I needed a vascular surgeon. How lucky was I? And thank you to the hospital for creating the position of a hospital medical doctor. Twice that I know of, this doctor was there to assist in my care when my doctors were unavailable. We do have a great lineup of doctors at AMC.

I felt safe in the care of the excellent nursing staff members who treated me like an individual person. Each one of the nurses who cared for me in their 12-hour shifts came to me with knowledge, skill, compassion and a sense of humor. Is humor on their evaluation list? It should be, because when a laugh or smile comes about naturally in the course of conversation, they are the best tools for humanizing and lightening the load of a patient.

All the people in the hospital seemed to root for me to get better, even when they had no official involvement. It just felt so great to have people in the stands cheering for me.

For every professional who came to my room prepared with the knowledge and skills needed, I thank you. In my 40 in-house days I utilized a lot of departmental disciplines. All were knowledgeable in their area of specialization and in their ability to work with people.

I became very aware that the doctors, nurses and all the other health professionals and support staff worked well with each other. The goal always seemed to be to do what has to be done to advance the patient’s welfare and not to advance the individual or department’s status.

Our hospital is small relative to others and therefore does lack some of the equipment and specialties that are available in other hospitals; however, if these are not needed in your care, consider AMC as your hospital of choice.

Sincerely submitted,

Barbara Rexilius, RN, MSN