Michael Hill’s Blues Mob this weekend at Delta Blue

LAKE PLACID – Michael Hill’s Blues Mob will perform from 9 p.m. to midnight Saturday and Sunday at Delta Blue.

Michael Hill’s Blues Mob had recorded six internationally-released albums of their original, New Yorkstyle blues. The Mob has captivated audiences in 29 countries around the globe.

Beginning with “Bloodlines,” their 1994 Alligator Records debut, they’ve built a distinguished body of work that has drawn world-wide critical and audience acclaim for dynamic musicianship and vivid storytelling.

Michael Hill’s lyrics convey the passion, the humor, and the desire for freedom and justice that are intrinsic to the Blues. The band transmits those lyrics through blues that is seasoned with flavors of rock, R&B, funk, and more, making every show a celebration of music, life, and love.

According to the Washington Post, “Hill writes songs that make most of his peers seem either empty-headed, or self-obsessed. As a singer, writer, and most impressively as a guitarist, he celebrates the blues form without being shackled to it, creating a sound that’s referential and relevant at the same time. Alternatively scorching and soaring solos.” And Guitar Player on Bloodlines: “A cliche-smashing debut, Michael Hill’s Blues Mob delivers hard blues for hard times swooping, soaring , speaker-shredding solos stratospheric slide he’s the missing link between Howlin’ Wolf and Living Colour.”

Michael is a 2011 inductee into the New York Blues Hall of Fame as a Master Blues Artist. Michael Hill’s Blues Mob’s dynamic new JSP Records album “Goddesses & Gold Redux” is now available as a download at iTunes, Amazon and eMusic. It is available on CD from Amazon and other retailers.

Delta Blue is located at the Northwoods Inn at 2520 Main St.