From the Enterprise, October 1925

The old newspapers that come my way through the foresight and kindness of Enterprise readers are found many times when houses are remodeled. The newspapers were used for insulation and are left folded at there thickest, all from the same month and year. Bob McCasland has given me copies of the Enterprise and the Post Standard all from October, 1925. So here is some local news from 88 years ago

Bad Snowstorm on Monday, Oct. 12

“Plattsburgh Too Weary as Result of Saturday’s Storm, Football Game Cancelled Postponement of the Plattsburgh-Saranac Lake Adirondack School League football game until a later date in the season was announced this morning after it had previously arranged to play the game here today.

“Saturday’s snowstorm buried the playing field six inches deep, and the Plattsburgh team was caught in the blizzard en route to this village by automobile and forced to turn back, unable to reach here in time to start the contest.

“Tentative arrangements were made to hold the game here this afternoon but Plattsburgh school authorities said the team members were too exhausted by their trip through the storm Saturday.”

[It must have been a tough winter with the snow starting so early because in a copy of the Enterprise from October 21 it told about a St. Regis Falls man who abandoned his car two miles from his home in a terrible blizzard and “that many motorists stranded by drifted roads and high winds, hotels and private homes were taxed to capacity to care from them.”]

Looks like a news story

[The headline appears to be a news story but a tiny “-Adv.” at the bottom of the story tells all.]

“A. Weinstock, prop., of grocery and meat market at 125 River Street in Saranac Lake says: ‘I was laid up with rheumatic pains. For several days I could not straighten my back, it was so lame, I had to walk on crutches. My kidneys acted too frequently and I had headaches and dizzy spells. Doan’s Pills rid me of the attack.’ Statement given, September 11, 1916.”

Tupper Lake news

“Mrs. Alfred Lee Peters of Tupper Lake has gone to Milan, Italy, where she will resume her vocal studies with Italian masters. It will be her second season of Italian voice training.”

“Octave Gauthier, sixty-four-year-old resident of Tupper Lake died at his home following a lingering illness. He was prominent in the business and fraternal life of the village and was much esteemed.”

“The highway running to the Veterans Mountain Camp at Big Tupper Lake was to have been built of gravel. It has been found there is not enough gravel in that section for such construction and the three mile stretch is to be concrete.”

“A Rod and Gun Club has been formed at Tupper Lake. It starts with about 200 members. The first regular meeting of the club is soon to be held. Officers have been elected. It is believed the membership is to increase rapidly.”

[If only the reporter had named the officers and where the club was to meet.]

Women in sports

“Glenna Collett, Adirondack Woman golf champion, whose progress in the American title matches at St. Louis is being watched with interest by Saranac Lake golf enthusiasts, had the best score of the day Thursday, a 77, in defeating Fritzie Stifel of Wheeling, 3 to 2, to qualify for the semi-finals which are being played today.

“The Providence girl (Ms. Collett), whose play on the Saranac Lake Golf Club course this summer was considered beyond her previous work, was to compete with Edith Cummings of Chicago in the semi-finals.”

“Miss Charlotte Main, thirteen-year-old daughter of District Attorney and Mrs. Harold W. Main of Malone, continues her sensational golf playing.

“She recently won the women’s ringer tournament from six older opponents over the Malone Golf Course.”

“Some fine great northern pike are being taken at Meacham Lake. An Albany woman recently caught three in one day whose total weight was thirty-eight pounds. The largest of the three was a fifteen pound fighter. The following day she caught one weighing twelve pounds.” [Too bad the reporter didn’t catch her name.]

Strange headline

“Aged Woman Dies

Without Warning”

“Mrs. Julia McDonald Greene, aged resident of Owls Head, dropped dead while visiting at the house of friends. She had eaten a hearty supper and helped with the dishes. It was while seated and talking she was stricken with the fatal heart attack. She was seventy-nine years old.”