Tupper Lake boil-water order still in effect

TUPPER LAKE – A boil water order issued Wednesday morning by the state Department of Health is still in effect here.

All town and village residents are advised to boil any Tupper Lake village water to be used for drinking or culinary purposes until further notice.

The Health Department issued the order after a chlorine pump at the Lake Simond treatment plant went down around 3 a.m. Wednesday.

“We went down to the shop and repaired the pump, installed it and fired the plant back up, but it took all night to get the chlorine back through the village,” said Water and Sewer Superintendent Mark Robillard.

Now that the pump is working again, Robillard said the village has sent water samples to Life Science Laboratories in Waddington to be tested for chlorine content and coloform bacteria, which can cause illness if ingested. If test results can show two consecutive days of properly chlorinated water and no bacteria, the Health Department can lift the ban.

“Hopefully we can get the test results back (today) and have the order lifted over the weekend,” Robillard said.

Until the order is lifted, the Health Department advises people to bring all water used for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth and preparing food to a boil in a clean container for one minute and let it cool prior to usage, or to use bottled water certified by the Health Department.