‘Review,’ not ‘revise’

To the editor:

Thank you for all your timely and informative news reporting on all issues, most notably the current issue of rails vs. trails. However, I suggest your front-page article of today (Aug. 28) grossly misleads the readership by the inadvertent typo error contained in the last paragraph of the article.

You state that “other municipalities passed resolutions urging the state to at least REVISE the corridor’s management plan. The state agreed to do that in June.” The correct word here should have been “to at least REVIEW the plan,” which of course imparts the correct meaning to all concerned. They have not done any more than set in place a review mechanism, which I’m confident will reveal to all the wisdom of the railroad’s “rails with trails” plan that it is touting.

Thank you for correcting this oversight.


Wayne W. Tucker

Board member

Adirondack Scenic Railroad

Rainbow Lake