Many thanks for a great wedding

To the editor:

On Aug. 17, we had the extreme pleasure of hosting our daughter Emily and new son-in-law Chris Kasper’s wedding! Following months of thought, planning and execution, and upon reflection of every step of the process, we feel compelled to share our great appreciation of those individuals who were so instrumental in ensuring the success of one of the most important and meaningful days of our lives! As residents of Lake Placid for more than 30 years, we are consistently reminded of how fortunate we are to live in such an amazing community. Not only do we enjoy incomparable natural beauty on a daily basis, but we are surrounded by vibrant and quality options that are usually unheard of in a village of this size.

After much deliberation and consideration of the requirements needed for Chris and Emily’s desired themed wedding, the decision was made to hold the ceremony at the Church of the Ascension in Saranac Inn, followed by a reception at the new Olympic Conference Center. Little did we know at the time just how perfect these decisions would turn out to be!

The Church of the Ascension is without a doubt the “best kept secret in the Adirondacks.” Both the location and the essence of the church itself were truly inspirational and the beautiful ceremony, under Pastor Holum’s direction, set the stage for an exceptional day. Thank you, Pastor Holum, for your assistance throughout the many weeks leading to the wedding day!

The 40-minute ride to Lake Placid under bright blue Adirondack skies, allowing for a quick must-stop at Donnelly’s, was an added bonus!

Once at the Lake Placid Conference Center – from cocktails in the quaint yet elegant Lookout Gallery, with its spacious deck overlooking all of the winter Olympic venues, down the spiral staircase leading to the Edelweiss Gallery, with yet another spacious deck and multiple windows offering spectacular views – our out-of-town guests were particularly thrilled to be a part of the Olympic experience and were quick to share their enthusiastic comments throughout the evening. Add to that a fun, colourful, delicious array of very unique food and beverage options, skillfully executed, and the smiles abounded. The complete cooperation we encountered from all the staff with whom we worked from both the Conference Center and Centerplate from “day one” until “day of” was far beyond expectations. We wish to thank, in particular, Denny Allen for your willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate our sometimes bizarre requests; Jackie Kelly for your knowledge, guidance and sense of humour throughout; Rob Zborowski for your valuable suggestions and direction and your quick responses to our many questions; and Caitlin Howley for your professionalism, reliability, hard work – can’t say enough about you! There is no doubt that the Conference Center of Lake Placid is a valuable addition to Lake Placid – not to be overlooked for events far beyond the hosting of conferences and conventions.

To Cindy Byno, thank you for your boundless energy, your amazing creativity, and your invaluable experience, which allowed you to take all of Emily’s ideas and vision and make them into the magical event that it was!

In the end, there is no greater reward for two parents’ efforts than to hear your daughter say, “I will never forget this day.” Thank you to all who helped make it possible.

Sandra and David Mishanec

Lake Placid