Ice cream stand closing signals summer’s end

SARANAC LAKE – The last day at soft ice cream stands signifies the last day of summer for many in the area.

Donnelly’s Soft Ice Cream, at the corner of state Route 86 and 186 that’s become known as Donnelly’s Corners, is one of those that closes after the Monday of Labor Day weekend for the rest of the year, and crowds of people came out Monday for one last lick.

A line of people stretched from the tiny stand across almost its entire parking lot Monday afternoon, making it tough for people to pull their cars out once they got their fill. Some cars driving by honked their horns at the people waiting.

The flavor on “nut surprise Monday,” was pistachio. Donnelly’s has just one flavor of ice cream a day, twisted with vanilla.

The stand usually stays open until 9 p.m., but on the last day, it only serves until it runs out. So as people showed up to get in line, they expressed concern that it would be all out by the time they got to the front.

Mountain Mist Ice Cream’s branch in Lake Placid also closed for the season Monday and the Saranac Lake stand is set to close Wednesday. The Enterprise wasn’t able to determine when other local soft-serve stands will shut down. Expect them to reopen around Memorial Day.

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