Tupper village may form park commission

TUPPER LAKE – A park commission might be in the village’s future.

At last Monday’s village board meeting, village Trustee Rick Donah proposed establishing a seven-member commission, with members appointed by the Board of Trustees. He noted that the Municipal Park has seen increased use, especially with events.

“The mission of a municipal park commission would be to oversee activities that occur in the park and to prevent conflicts,” Donah told the board.

Donah said the commission would make recommendations to the board regarding use of the park, and would also work with event coordinators to avoid problems like scheduling conflicts.

“I don’t know what kind of authority they would have, but I think it’s important to get stakeholders involved, particularly the generation that has young kids that are interested in seeing the park evolve,” Donah said.

The park commission could also serve as another set of eyes and give the board recommendations for improvements that need to be made. Donah said this summer’s heavy rainfall, which led to flooding in Municipal Park, was a good example of this.

“We’d like to consider doing something to improve that area because it does sit below water level,” Donah said. “Woodsmen’s (Days) were very cooperative with us; they canceled some of their events so as not to damage the park. Those are the types of things I think the park commission can help weigh in on, and also help direct the strategy for the park strategic plan as well.”

The board agreed that a park commission is worth discussing. A decision could be reached as early as next week.

“Let’s make sure we do it legally and draft it properly,” Mayor Paul Maroun said to the board. “Let’s talk to the village attorney and tell him what you want to do, and have him help us put it together, that way we know what we’re deciding on.”

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