Doonesbury weekday reruns extended through fall

To the editor:

Garry Trudeau has informed us that following Doonesbury’s return to Sunday comic pages, and as he continues to write and produce “Alpha House” for Amazon Prime, he has been forced to acknowledge a cruel reality: He’s human.

Garry writes: “I have hit the wall. This is a painful decision, but as the deadline loomed, I had to finally concede that the demands of completing the show have made it impossible for me to return to the strip on schedule. I deeply regret the inconvenience this will undoubtedly cause you, who have already shown much forbearance and patience through Doonesbury’s absence. I greatly value your past loyalty, and look forward to returning to your pages in November.”

The bottom line is that the return of Doonesbury daily comics will be delayed for 10 more weeks, to the week of Nov. 18; Sundays will continue to be new and fresh. Doonesbury “Flashbacks” will give readers their daily dose of adventure from the Walden gang as we look forward to the next chapter in Doonesbury’s story.

Best regards,

Sue Roush

Managing editor

Universal Uclick

(Editor’s note: Garry Trudeau grew up in Saranac Lake.)