Sunflowers vandalized

To the editor:

On the evening of Sept. 4, most of the sunflower plants on the St. Bernard St. side of our building were pulled out and thrown in the street. It is obvious from the pattern of dirt and the torn-out plants that whoever did this was headed downtown.

The dollar amount is not the issue. The issue is respect for others’ property and the fact that the plants were planted from seed by our 4-year-old grandson and his grandmother Peg, as a shared experience and a learning experience.

Not too likely that whoever did this will read this letter, but if you do, we hope you really had some enjoyment from the experience. We don’t think our grandson will feel as jolly good about what you did when he comes home from school to find what you did.

We have advised the Saranac Lake Police Department. They certainly cannot be everywhere at once, but they do like to be aware of patterns. So if you, as a citizen reader, have an incident, please let the SLPD know. It may help in some of their many other ongoing and new investigations.

Ron and Peg Keough

Saranac Lake