People don’t know about Adirondack Park

To the editor:

How about it, teachers, town boards, clergymen? Do your students or people really know about the history and future of the Park? The future of the Park is being considered in many places.

Maybe you could ask forest rangers, EnCon officers, state officials and Adirondack Park Agency to give talks in schools. After all, it’s going to be their Park. I think there are people and students who don’t realize what’s going on.

I hiked back to a remote pond and caught four nice trout; no one goes there. This is one idea or example that we will lose if the state and EnCon build new snow machine or all-terrain vehicle trails into wild forest areas. I hope they can print my picture of the fish.

I also think trappers and hunters that care the most about the Park and animals are the most restricted from it. I was raised at a time when venison and fish were a big part of the meals. I would like to see the deer and moose built back up to where they used to be.

I’m thinking of people and students in the future, I’m hoping they can hunt and trap like I used to. It’s over for me; I’m 73. We need tourists and ATV trails, but not in the wild forest.

There are people who think, by bringing the same atmosphere that is in Central Park – tourists, blacktop, trails, park benches, easy access and money – to our small towns and wild forest, it will solve all their problems. In my opinion, if you mix New York City and wild forest together, you will end up with THEIR PROBLEMS. What we do now, good or bad, we will pay for in the future – good or bad.

See you on the trail – wild forest forever.

Thank you,

Lewis N. Page Sr.