Recognizing the wrong road

To the editor:

The long-camouflaged road towards a dictatorial central government that has taken control over this nation was enhanced with the addition of the 17th Amendment in 1913. Upon ratification, the power of the state legislatures to elect senators to Congress was dissolved. This dissolution opened the doorway for the three federal branches to work in unison or alone to usurp the power from the states, thereby the people. The direct effect is senators don’t pay attention to the needs of the electorate but the wants and desires of various influence peddlers. The only time one hears semi-genuine concern by a senator is at election time, when overt money peddling begins.

The underground revolution that took place with the 17th Amendment culminated in a government that thinks, breathes and acts to its own whims and desires rather than adhering to the strict limits written in the Bill of Rights. The daily demolition of people’s rights takes place through Supreme Court interpretations, congressional laws and presidential executive orders. This coordinated effort towards centralization has been cleverly masked by false infighting, divide-and-conquer tactics toward the electorate and misdirection of intentions by all three branches. Couple this strategy with minor issues blown out of proportion by a bought media, and we are facing an extremely effective onslaught of our basic rights – the very result our founding fathers feared if any manipulation to the original Constitution took place, as it has with the 17th Amendment. Overcoming the insane barriers in the New York State Constitution will be difficult but not impossible to participate in reinstating the original U.S. Constitution.

Ric Wells

Common man