Woman moving back to Tupper Lake for trail

To the editor:

I just received a wonderful letter from a high school friend of mine. Her name is Mimi Cassidy, and she is a successful lawyer working in South Salem, right outside of New York City. When Mimi graduated from Tupper Lake High School in 1975, our town was a vibrant, active place to live. We all know the story of Tupper Lake’s sad decline since then.

Which is why I was so pleasantly surprised when Mimi asked me to help her look for a place to buy in Tupper Lake. She specifically told me that she was searching for a house on Little Wolf Pond. She went on to state that that location would put her close to the Adirondack Rail Trail. She wants to buy NOW so everything is set when the trail comes in.

So you see the trail is already producing a positive impact on Tupper Lake’s economy!

If we build it, they will come. They already are! Please help make this a reality.

Take a few minutes to send a message stating your support for the Adirondack Rail Trail. Send your comments in by Sept. 25 to

Thank you,

Maureen Peroza

Lifetime Tupper Lake resident and proud Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates board member