Would visit to ride on trail

To the editor:

This email is to let you know I, my husband and friends are in favor of converting the underutilized rail corridor from Lake Placid to Old Forge into a recreational trail.

My friends and I frequently travel to ride our bikes on other trails such as the Pine Creek trail, the Lehigh Gorge trail, the Great Allegany Passage and C&O Canal trails, and the Erie Canalway Trail. These trails are used by many people and are travel destinations that bring tourism dollars to their areas. We enjoy the biking off-road experience without having to worry about being hit by cars and trucks. My friends and I camp in the Adirondacks every summer. We canoe, but always say that we wish there was a trail where we could ride our bikes.

We would love to have a rail trail in the Adirondacks and would definitely use it. Many other people would as well. I truly hope it comes to pass.

Thank you,

Carol Sherwood