Save the train

To the editor:

There are more than 1,700 signatures from people all over the state on the petition listed below wanting to KEEP the train. We also have letters and emails to add to this list. If you would like to save the train, please go to the link and voice your opinion. The Department of Environmental Conservation and Department of Transportation need to hear from all of us.

The newspaper stated that the DOT had 425 emails, plus a stack of letters, as of this past Monday. When they include the comments on this petition, the DOT will not just have 425 comments and signatures to look at, but more than 2,000 comments, and from what I can tell, most will be in support of keeping the train.

Do we really want to not hear that train whistle? Do we really want to take away one of the only activities disabled people have in our town that allows them to see the Adirondack Park without having to be in a van? I am not willing to tell my ARC friends that I did not fight for them to keep the train that they love so much. Are you willing to take that from them? I won’t even bring up all the kids that love going on a “choo choo ride.”

How many people with oxygen tanks can bike/sled through the woods? How many ARC people bike or own a snowmobile? Are we being fair to them? Has Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates thought about how they are going to get the Adirondack Park Agency to allow bathrooms on the trail? If they are going to make that trail handicapped accessible, they would have to include bathrooms for disabled people. ARTA can’t act as if it is going to make the trail handicapped accessible and not include bathrooms. The train can add bathrooms at any time if more are needed at a fraction of the cost. Has ARTA even looked at how expensive paving and APA permits cost? You can’t say your idea costs less when in reality it is more than what train people need. I also would like to know how the trail people plan on putting restaurants on that path. It is a good idea, but I have a feeling the APA may not agree.

Has ARTA thought about the possible fires that are going to be started on that 90-mile bike path? I know I always start a fire when I find a nice camping spot. How do you get the firemen to the fire without the train?

Has ARTA thought about how they are going to police that 90-mile bike trail? The FIRST woman/kid to be molested on that trail is going to bankrupt us. I know I would feel much safer on a 90-mile bike trail with a train going through four to five times a day vs. nothing for the entire day. Just go online and look up a man named Altemio Sanchez, the bike path rapist. He is living right down the road from us in one of our prisons now, but at one time he really enjoyed being on secluded bike paths with just bikes. A train can be used to drop the police off if there is a complaint. (

This is the link to the petition:


Angela Estes

Saranac Lake