Trolley seats are slippery

To the editor:

Have you had the opportunity to take the “free ride” on the trolley? If you haven’t, then you won’t appreciate the reason for this letter.

This is not so much a complaint, more of a suggestion for the suggestion box.

For those of us who have a reason to take advantage of a “free ride,” there is nothing to keep us from sliding off our seats. The seats are lovely, beautiful wood, clean and shiny, and slippery! Those in the rear of the trolley, when you go down a hill like by the arena or around a sharp corner, our bodies start to slide, and we frantically reach for something to hang on to. We feel as though we are on the end of a “crack the whip” line. Now, I know there is some ingenious person out there who will come up with an answer to our situation.

I have always believed you should not criticize something until you have something better to take its place. Constructive criticism, I believe it’s called.

How about two handles installed on the back of the seat in front of us? Come on now, I know there is a solution to this “slippery” problem.

We are very lucky to have the trolley system we have here in Lake Placid. Especially if you don’t have a vehicle of your own, it really is a blessing. Thank you so much, Lake Placid, for it and the drivers. They are very kind, helpful and friendly, and very good drivers. I know I would not drive the trolley down Main Street during horse show time or Ironman, but these guys – and gal, Ginger – do every day, many times a day, with expertise and confidence. But we do love to see the horse show come to town and Ironman, as well as other activites.

But really – meanwhile, help us keep our seats.

Thank you,

Dottie Baker

Greenwood Apartments

Lake Placid