Pa. trail overcame doubts

To the editor:

Dear New York:

I am writing in support of the conversion of the Remsen-Lake Placid Travel Corridor from a rail line to a recreational trail.

As a longtime Adirondack visitor and fisherman, I have an “attachment” to the Park and the wonderful, “forever wild” resource that it is! I hail from north-central Pennsylvania with a very common theme of “PA Wilds” with a similar wonderful resource. I am the Tioga County planner and member of the Pine Creek Rail Trail Advisory Committee, established to assist our DCNR in the management of the Pine Creek Trail, a 65-mile rail trail that was converted from railroad to recreational trail in the ’90s. This trail has been an amazing success and unbelievable economic engine that generates around $7 million each year for local businesses and outfitters. Initially there were skeptics, but most of them have admitted that they were pleasantly surprised and pleased with the outcome of the conversion and now are supporters of the trail.

A trail such as this through the heart of the Adirondack Park would generate much revenue and provide the opportunity to create one of the nation’s premier recreation trails. Please give this conversion the serious consideration it deserves and make the Adirondack Rail Trail a reality!


Jim Weaver

Tioga County planner

Wellsboro, Pa.