Improve signage on Baker

To the editor:

The trail markers to Baker Mountain need to be changed. We would appreciate it if this letter could be forwarded to the group which can make that happen.

On Sept. 18, my wife and I attempted to climb Baker Mountain, remembering the great hike we had about eight years ago. After a few minutes, we reached a right turn, marked with a red trail marker mounted on a brown wooden arrow labeled “TRAIL.” Another well-worn trail was visible going straight, with a log across it. Having hiked (and canoed) the Adirondacks for more than 50 years, I took this to mean that the old trail was closed due to overuse, and a new one had been blazed.

We found the right-hand trail to be increasingly difficult and gave up about three-quarters of the way up. Behind us was another couple who also quit. She had hiked it three years ago (in her flip-flops), had driven two hours to introduce her boyfriend to Baker Mountain and was deeply disappointed. On the way down, we met an older couple and an elderly genteman who had read that this was an easy, enjoyable hike and were surprised to find that it was just the opposite.

Apparently there are two trails to the summit. Both should be marked, and perhaps descriptions posted on the sign-in box. The current trail markings only provide disappointment.

Don Momberg

Annandale, N.J.