Railroad is past; make it a trail

To the editor:

I have lived in northern New York all of my life and have fond remembrances of the railroad from Lake Clear Junction to Utica. In 1953, I rode that line while en route to the Boy Scout Jamboree in California.

Despite the emotional memories, I feel that the line has served its purpose and should be converted to a multi-purpose trail. I now spend winters in Florida and have experienced many bike trails converted from rails down there. They are heavily used and draw folks from all over. Some of them have a soft area alongside the paved trail that is suitable for horse use. A trail from Lake Placid to Utica that could be used for walking, running and bicycling in the summer and for a superb snowmobile experience in the winter would, in my opinion, have a significant impact upon the economy of the region.

I would urge the “movers and shakers” of the region to reopen the unit management plan and seriously consider the multi-use trail option.

Ron Turbide