ORDA thanks firefighters, staff for good response to fire

LAKE PLACID – The state Olympic Regional Development Authority thanked firefighters and their staff for their good response to a fire at an ORDA building Tuesday morning.

Tony Carlino, who manages the Olympic Sports Complex and Olympic Jumping Complex, told the board at their Tuesday afternoon meeting that he was proud of his staff. Due to training they had, they reacted correctly to the fire, he said.

“Our staff did everything right,” Carlino said.

A staff member reported the fire after arriving in the morning and finding the pool house for the freestyle aerials pool in flames.

He said the Lake Placid Volunteer Fire Department, which sent 26 members and called in three departments for backup, managed to save the building. About a third of the building will probably need renovations, he said.

ORDA board member Cliff Donaldson Jr. suggested the board thank the staff.

“Tony, fire is a terrible thing to deal with, no matter where. I lost a home to fire,” Donaldson said. “You and your personnel, by following protocol that was in place, was a big part of saving that building.”

He also suggested the resolution thank local firefighters.

“Those volunteers on a daily basis put their lives on the line to protect the community,” Donaldson said.

Board members approved the resolution unanimously.