Heartfelt thanks from Pedaling for Paws

To the editor:

It does not seem like I’ve been back home for almost a month, but as I go about the daily “grind,” I realize more each day how much support I had during the five months I was pedaling the 11,346 miles around our country to benefit our furry companions. Like those receiving awards at the Emmys, I wish to thank all those who made my journey a success, without forgetting anyone.

First, I wish to thank all who made the Humane Society fund drive a success with their financial contributions, both individuals and businesses. I also would like to thank the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and their staff, including Peter Crowley, Cathy Moore and especially Mike Lynch, who documented my travels on a regular basis. I also wish to thank Scott Mierop of Adirondack Local for inclusion of my journey in his fine publication. I owe a special thanks to Kenny, Carl, Don and all the staff at Placid Planet bike shop in Lake Placid for building me a a fine bike which went the distance trouble-free. A thank-you also has to been given to Dr. Eugene Byrne of Lake Placid Sports Medicine for the excellent work he did on my knee and to physical therapist Scott Stoddard who did not give up on me until I was 100 percent. I also want to thank Dan Reilly and Aggie Pelletieri of HomEnergy, the guys from Team Placid Planet for their escort into Saranac Lake, Rena Amell from Tupper Lake who made delicious cinnamon buns, Ronnie Woodard of DRW Entertainment for the sound system, the staff and board members of the Tri-Lakes Humane Society, Deborah Gauthier of the Lake Clear post office for displaying my progress and the Lumberjack Restaurant for all they did in welcoming me back. Last but not least, I owe a great big thank-you to my “anchor” and wife of 46 years, Martha, for tending to the all the daily tasks of running our household while assisting me in locating lodging and researching safe routes when needed, not to mention the surprise of having Fuzzy greet me upon my return.

Thank you, one and all. After seeing so much of America at a bicyclist’s pace, I can tell you in all honesty that Saranac Lake, the Adirondacks in general and the people who reside here are a special combination. Be thankful you live where you do.

Floyd Lampart

Lake Clear