Lake Placid students have evacuation drill today

LAKE PLACID – Students will participate in an evacuation drill today while teachers try a new approach to staff development.

Lake Placid Central School District Superintendent Roger Catania told the school board they Tuesday night not to be alarmed if members see a bunch of students boarding buses outside the Olympic Center this morning.

Middle/high school students are set to evacuate to across the street to the state Olympic Regional Development Agency’s Herb Brooks Arena, where staff will take attendance. That will be close to dismissal time, so students will board the buses from there, Catania said.

He said the school has coordinated with village police to prepare for a brief interruption in traffic.

Elementary school students will be bused to the Olympic Training Center, attendance will be taken, and then those students will be bused back to school before being dismissed.

After students are sent home, teachers are set to participate in their first staff development day of the year.

Catania said the district is shifting to in-house, peer-led staff development. It’s not to save money; rather, it’s what administration officials heard teachers saying they wanted, he said.

A committee of teachers, with administration and school board representatives, polled the district’s faculty on what everyone wants to learn through staff development days. From those surveys, the committee came up with a schedule for today’s workshops, which will be led by people within the district.

“It’s really people sharing with people,” Catania said. “That’s a little bit different from bringing in experts, bringing in outside consultants.”

He noted that both schools are doing similar staff development today, which is a step toward bringing them together, something the district is striving toward.