Time for a break

To the editor:

Would it be too much to ask that we take a break from rails-to-trails and discuss what we’re luring all these tourists to? All I would ask is, everyone who has an opinion on rails-to-trails, take a minute to look around.

In this author’s honest opinion, we have bigger fish to fry. For instance, code enforcement, or the lack of in this case. We’ve all seen the articles about 155 Broadway. Is Bob Decker to blame or Tom Worthington for ignoring the continual decline of properties in our community?

In my honest opinion, blame the people we pay to correct it. It goes without saying Decker buildings are slums, full of mold, bad plumbing and faulty electric, based on what I’ve seen. Village authorities have had more than a decade to solve the problem.

I love the train and would miss it and would probably love a new trail just as much. In conclusion, I would just like to say, let’s clean our “house” before we invite guests to either rails or trails.


John C. Perry

Saranac Lake