Rescued weekend

To the editor:

Last Labor Day weekend my wife Irene (Gorrow) and I returned to Saranac Lake to celebrate our 59th wedding anniversary. This was doubly anticipated since we planned to see family as well as hook up at the farmers market event with old friends, Bruce Dudley and Bill Delaney, classmates at Saranac Lake High School.

The meeting came off perfectly. It was so wonderful that I cut out to get the camera from our car parked on St. Bernard Street (admittedly in a no-parking zone by Academy Street). I crested the hill, and, lo-and-behold, NO CAR! Back to the farmers market. Had the car been “hooked” off the street? I set out for the police station to get help figuring this one out. What if it had been stolen?

While talking to a live person on the conveniently located emergency phone beside the locked door at the station, Patrolman Casey Reardon pulled up. He told me that they most likely wouldn’t hook cars away on a market day. He set about plickety-plicking at his computer and determined that I indeed do own my own car. After some other necessary police stuff he suggested we return to where I had left it. Not expecting this to reveal much, I went along for the ride.

We went out Lake Flower Avenue, Patrolman Reardon explaining his job along the way and how much of it is just plain helping people. We doubled back onto Church Street and were about to turn left onto St. Bernard when he exclaimed, “There it is!” And there it was, on the corner of Church and St. Bernard, a block from where I had erroneously reckoned it to be. One pro will make more music than a thousand amateurs. I was instantly amazed and relieved and embarrassed, all with the same emotional intensity.

Officer Reardon, being the whole time totally professional and capable as well as most helpful and compassionate said, “It’s OK. You just didn’t leave it where you thought you did.” I sputtered something about becoming 80 years old later this year, and he once more offered great solace mixed with wisdom, saying, “Well, I lost my car in the Walmart parking lot in Plattsburgh back in the summer …” Now, without very good reason, I felt increasingly less foolish and ever more grateful.

All of Saranac Lake can be proud to have Patrolman Reardon on the force.

Thank you, Officer Casey Reardon!!!

Our weekend came off wonderfully. Saturday, goodies from the market, Sunday, church on Chapel Island in the lower basin of the Upper Saranac Lake with my cousin Jim Bickford and his family. Later Irene and I rode the new carousel in the park. Monday I finally hooked up with Bill and Bruce. Irene had had a great time with her sister, Lillian Burman, and I had a story to tell when we got back to Syracuse.

Russell Newell

SLHS Class of 1951