Counties celebrate 20 years of municipal health care group

ELIZABETHTOWN – Essex County on Monday celebrated 20 years of a health insurance program start for municipalities across the state.

New York State Association of Counties Executive Director Steve Acquario told county supervisors that establishing the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal was one of the proudest moments in NYSAC history. More than 750 municipalities across the state are insured through NYMIR, he said.

For the last six years, premiums have been going down, and NYMIR is currently offering the lowest prices, said NYMIR Executive Director Kevin Crawford.

He said NYMIR is one of the best examples of widespread cooperation between municipalities.

The program has a 99 percent renewal rate, Crawford said.

“We think that tells us we’re doing a good job,” he said.

Municipalities that use NYMIR are owners, so NYMIR has returned $10 million in capital and interest on its capital to municipalities over the years. Representatives passed out interest checks to supervisors from four Essex County towns that use NYMIR.

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