Impeach and jail President Obama

To the editor:

Stop the stupid political posturing! Defund and repeal socialist Obamacare immediately! Reduce the federal deficit by $5 billion yearly! No increase in the debt ceiling! Impeach and jail Obama for the murder of Americans by Somali pirates, murder of our ambassador and Americans, and his endless attacks on our Constitution, Bill of Rights and free-enterprise system!

Demand a recall and removal of Reid as majority leader of the Senate. His childish attitude and refusal to work, meet with and listen to the will of the people makes him totally unfit to occupy any position of authority in the Senate or anywhere. Recall everyone who put the party line ahead of the wants and needs of the people; remove from office. Everyone who supports exemptions to the health care must be removed from office. Any and all federal laws must apply to everyone alike, no exemptions! “Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators, representatives, and/or president that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States!” If this socialistic health care is not for Big Business, Big Labor, Congress and executive personnel, then it is not for any American! Defund and abolish Obamacare!

Impeach and jail Obama for his failure to present Congress with a balanced budget that reduces our national debt by $5 billion every year!

Reduce the non-military federal workforce by 50 percent! Eliminate every job, position (including all appointed), board, commission, etc., enacted since the year 2000!

Eliminate the congressional retirement fund, and transfer all these funds to Social Security! Eliminate all health care, pension, retirement funds, bonuses and programs for all elected and appointed personnel. Cap all elected and appointed personnel salaries at $100,000 gross each year. Eliminate all taxpayer funding of travel, transportation, expense accounts, etc., for all federal elected and appointed personnel. If an elected person wants health care, retirement plan, etc., they must purchase them on their own, not at taxpayer’s expense!

Eliminate all funding to not-for-profits, except for medical research. Eliminate all funding to education, health and other programs and return these to the states! Each state to decide what is best for their citizens.

Cap the time a person may serve in the Congress to 12 years. Congressmen/women shall collect a salary of less than $100,000 annually while in office and receive no pay nor benefits when they are out of office. Purge Washington of Reid and all other socialists members of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our government!

Return to our free-enterprise, states-rights and home-rule democracy by the people. Return to a free republic governed by the people, not corrupt, political parties and their bought, self-centered legislators! Provide for immediate recall and dismissal of every elected and appointed official who takes bribes or refuses to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights!


Donald Sage

Nam vet