Don’t mess with campaign signs you didn’t set up

To the editor:

With the fall comes elections, and with elections come roadside signs. Unfortunately, with roadside signs also come vandalism, theft and moving signs from their original locations to locations that the perpetrators feel are humorous.

While the culprits feel that this is supportive of their candidate, it actually casts a negative cloud on them as the public sees the untouched signs of a candidate as he or she being complicit in the theft or damage. While this may not be the case, it certainly gives that appearance.

In some cases, the theft or damage to campaign signs can become a criminal offense and makes the perpetrator subject to arrest and prosecution.

By all means, support your candidate. Talk up your candidate; work for them handing out fliers, going door to door, helping with mailings or whatever you need to do for support in helping your choice to be elected.

BUT the taking or damage to signs under cover of darkness does more harm than good and is not what the election process is all about. We have a system where anyone can put themselves up for public office, and they all deserve a fair chance, not subject to sabotage in the dead of night.

Please honor our system, and leave the signs as they are placed.

Richard Cutting

Essex County sheriff