Bartley is deeply involved in Elizabethtown

To the editor:

On Nov. 5 I will be voting for the most qualified candidate for Elizabethtown supervisor, Margaret Bartley.

Above and beyond her qualifications and ability as supervisor and chief financial officer, she possesses other attributes that should also be considered.

Margaret has a great love and knowledge of our town’s history, to which those who have attended her many slide shows at the museum and various churches over the years can attest. The number of hours she spends volunteering and participating in town events is unmatched. Many of us are thankful to both Margaret and her husband, Harry, for the many days they spent tirelessly helping us in cleaning up after Hurricane Irene.

These actions paint a picture of someone whose heart and soul are focused on her community. Actions speak louder than words, and these actions speak volumes about this woman’s commitment to our town – Elizabethtown.

This commitment came long before her election, is ongoing during her term and will continue long after she is out of public office. Some former officials drop out of sight after an election and virtually disappear, never to be seen participating in or volunteering at any town function, but they pop up again when it’s time to run for office again. It begs the questions: Is their candidacy prompted by self-interest or the public interest and those of our town?

I urge you to vote for a competent, hard-working, hands-on leader for our town. Vote to re-elect Margaret Bartley, Elizabethtown supervisor.

Patricia Potter Horton