Wilderness should be declared

To the editor:

The quest for the Adirondack Park Agency to classify 21,000 acres of former Finch, Pruyn and Co. land, written about in the article “Finch lands aren’t on APA agenda this month” by Chris Knight, should not be a quest at all.

The newly acquired land needing classification should undoubtedly be classified as a wilderness area. In this case, the 21,000 acres would be minimally touched by man, thus beginning to be restored back to its original forested state.

The transformation which is said to be a “very demanding and complex process” should not be demanding and complex at all. As a New York resident, I believe it is imperative that New York state preserves its natural resources for future generations. The constant economic push for growth and development will continue to lead industries to look to expand in places that have not been developed on yet. This in the coming years will likely lead to an even larger decrease in forested land in the Northeast.

It is incredibly important that we preserve the forested land we have remaining in order to keep our environment intact in New York state. This land is the only land that we have to call our own, and we should proudly respect it and not allow anything to harm it.

Annie Weis

Environmental studies major, business minor

Skidmore College

Saratoga Springs