A party with faulty wiring

To the editor:

They act as if they are from an unknown, undiscovered planet that produces beings that are void of empathy; in my opinion, that would be that part of Congress responsible for having the U.S. government shut down.

Out of this group, some are claiming to be born-again Christians. It seems these types of born-again Christians are takers rather than givers; helping the poor and needy does not seem to be any part of their agenda. However, giving tax breaks to the wealthy while demonizing the Affordable Care Act has been on the front and center of the Tea Party’s efforts to push back on the majority voice in this country; they behave as if they should punish the voters that voted President Obama in for a second term. That punishment comes in the forms of sequestration, the government shutdown and the threat not to raise the debt ceiling. Not only is this behavior destroying the heart of the Republican Party; it could push the U.S. government into total chaos.

It is my notion that the Tea Party (the Selfish Party) may have faulty wiring that is lacking of having feelings for others with lesser means; if that is so, sensible Republicans are needed to rise up with courage and stand with Democrats to bring our government back to that time when we believed in reasonable compromise.

Alfred Waddell

West Dennis, Mass.