What a load of codswallup

To the editor:

Nov. 5 Election Day is fast approaching, and the calls to get out the vote are already starting: “Rally around your party.” “Throw da bums out.” “It’s your civic duty.” “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.” These and many more idiotic statements will be flooding the papers, radio stations and news networks. I have long been an advocate of these “get out the vote” programs – that is, until I realized the absurdity of this sentiment.

We have been told and schooled there is a distinct difference between the two parties, the Republicans being the “party of the people” and the Democrats being the “party of the people.” While all of this “difference” is taking place, candidates are espousing, “Vote for me; I’m the candidate for change,” or, “Vote for me; I’m the person to represent you,” in whatever race they are in. The problem is no candidate will get the financing or support needed if they do not adhere to their own strict party guidelines.

Next, let’s talk about the absurdity of the vast pool of candidates allowed to enter races. At the national level, ballot access is so stringent and filled with land mines, it is almost impossible to achieve access to all state ballots without a bankroll of millions of dollars. This definitely limits the number of people with the ability to enter races with new ideas to truly represent the people who elected them. Those who are able to enter the national races become beholden to their financial backers, so they have to kowtow to their wishes and the people be damned. So now the direction of the nation becomes skewed to meet short-term returns on investment. So much for choice for the people.

Given a political election of a false two-party system, the following question must be asked: Would you put your children on a boat to nowhere? If no, then why would you blindly vote for someone to send your children on that same boat?

Ric Wells

Common man