Man charged with shooting deer from highway

A Lake Placid man was charged with allegedly shooting arrows a decoy deer from Blue Mountain Road in Santa Clara.

State environmental conservation police charged Robert A. Sears, 49, with the misdemeanor of discharging a bow from a public highway on Friday, Oct. 11, state Department of Environmental Conservation spokesman David Winchell told the Enterprise in an email.

Winchell wrote that EnCon police watch the decoys and approach a perpetrator right after he or she has shot at them. There are two types of decoy, both made from real deer hides. One can be moved with a remote control, while the other doesn’t move.

Sears was ticketed to appear in Santa Clara town court on Wednesday, Oct. 23. He faces a possible maximum penalty of $1,000 and three months in jail.

The Northern Zone Deer Bowhunting Season runs from Sept. 27 to Oct. 25.