Parents, ask about PE

To the editor:

As the first quarter of the school year winds down, parents will be invited to pick up their children’s report cards and meet with teachers. During this visit, don’t forget to stop in and say hello to your child’s physical education teacher.

Physical education is an important part of your child’s education and well-being. Opportunities to be physically active during the school day contribute to your child’s academic success. A study by the Centers for Disease Control showed that students who earn high grades are twice as likely to get regular physical activity compared to students who earn low grades, and strong evidence suggests that children who participate in daily physical education have better school attendance, a more positive attitude toward school, stronger academic achievement, increased concentration, improved math, reading and writing test scores, and less disruptive behavior.

Talk to the physical education teacher about whether your child is getting the full benefit of PE class. Ask questions. Does my child participate and show good effort? Does my child come to class prepared with proper footwear and clothing? What can I do as a parent to encourage my child to be more active in class? At the same time, find out about PE curriculum. Ask if all students get the opportunity to be active throughout the class period. Ask if there will be homework. Schools are integrating English language arts and math skills into all curriculums including PE.

Physical education and physical activity are important to your child’s health, development and success. Let your child know that you care about physical education by including a visit to the PE teacher at this year’s open house.

Karen Derusha

Principal public health educator

Clinton County Health Department