Cyclists would come to rail trail

To the editor:

This weekend as I walked through our small town in Westchester, I could hardly get down the street since there were so many bicycles and riders who had stopped at the local deli. Granted, this is a more densely populated area than Tupper Lake, but nevertheless it is a quiet town that fills with bikers on the weekend.

Yesterday I stopped and spoke with a few of them and asked where they were from. They were all New Yorkers and avid bike people. They were eager to tell me about the 50 miles they ride on a day ride. I asked about the opportunity a trail in the Adirondacks would afford them, and while they would need to have motel accommodations, they would welcome a vacation riding in the Adirondacks. They also expounded on the fact that bike riding is a growing sport and one that all family members can take part in. They would all welcome long rides without the danger of traffic and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Adirondack scenery. They love the deli scene since it is a social place to have lunch and greet other riders.

Tupper Lake has all the bike stop places that would become a destination bike hub; all it needs is a real push to get the trail.

Kathleen Koch

Bedford and Gull Pond