Be aware of primary care

To the editor:

October is National Primary Care Month, an annual celebration highlighting the importance of primary care in our communities. The event brings together health care professionals to discuss and learn about generalist and interdisciplinary health care, particularly its impact on underserved populations.

This year’s theme, “Step Up to Primary Care,” focuses on the importance of interdisciplinary education and professionalism in primary care, and the critical need for advocacy and health policy reform to address disparities in health care access and outcomes pertaining to race, gender, sexuality and socio-economic factors.

Our organization, the Adirondack Health Institute, a longtime champion of primary care in the Adirondack region, believes primary care practitioners play an indispensable role in our health care system. On behalf of my colleagues and numerous health care partners, we salute the care providers and staff members in the numerous primary care practices in our vast region for their unwavering commitment to promoting and safeguarding the good health of people in our communities, not just this month but throughout the year.


Cathy Homkey, CEO

Adirondack Health Institute