Rev. Newell appointed to Concerned Clergy for Choice Advisory Board

WILMINGTON – The Rev. Brooke Newell, pastor of the Whiteface Community Church in Wilmington, was recently appointed to the Concerned Clergy for Choice Advisory Board.

Concerned Clergy for Choice is a multi-faith network of New York state religious leaders who contribute their moral voices on behalf of women and families needing access to birth control, safe and legal abortion, and sex education.

“I serve on the Concerned Clergy for Choice Board because I believe that everyone deserves access to health care and medically accurate information,” Newell said. “Community women’s health centers are excellent choices for care. Planned Parenthood centers accept insurance, but will provide the same level of quality and affordable care whether someone is covered by insurance or not.”

Concerned Clergy for Choice supports the Women’s Equality Act now before the New York state Legislature. The Women’s Equality Act will reduce barriers of discrimination for women, including discrimination at the workplace, when seeking housing and when needing safe and legal abortion. Concerned Clergy for Choice is also working to raise public awareness of New York State of Health, the official health plan marketplace offering health insurance options under Obamacare.