Vote for Barb Rice

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Barb Rice’s candidacy for Franklin County legislator in the upcoming election. I have known Barb and her family for many years and feel she would be an excellent addition to our county government. Barb has the training and background needed for this position. She has a degree in economics, years of experience working in the health care field and years of experience running a successful local business. Barb also has a good understanding of the people of this area. Born and raised in Saranac Lake, she is aware of what makes us such a unique region.

One of the many qualities that will make Barb such a good legislator is her accessibility. She is very involved in the business life of Saranac Lake through her own business. Her experience as a local store owner and village board member in Saranac Lake gives her a unique perspective in that it allows her to be in touch with both the various village business owners and employees as well as local shoppers and tourists in a variety of different capacities. The insight, which Barb has gained from these experiences, would be very beneficial to the county Legislature.

Barb sincerely wants to represent Franklin County to the best of her ability. To that end, she has gone out of her way to knock on as many doors as possible during her campaign. By doing this, she hopes to get a good idea of where the people of this county stand on various issues. I know she would continue to make an effort to gather input from her constituents if she were to be elected.

I encourage everyone to vote for Barb Rice on Election Day. I think she would be an asset to our county if she were elected as a legislator.


Ellen Yousey

Saranac Lake