Thanks for thinking of young woman

To the editor:

I am Kris Moen, mother of Melissa Moen, who is the young woman your community has rallied around. We are so thankful to all who have joined with my aunt, Diane Reandeau, with the bake sale and raffle tickets. Others who read about her gave financially and with prayerful hope she would get to return to the U.S. to see all her family there.

Two weeks before she and I were to fly from Norway, her health took a turn for the worse and she was too weak to come. Her desire was fulfilled in part, in that three family members came to see her. During their visit, wonderful memories were made. The week of their visit went quickly, and the day after they left, Melissa had a fever and pain became septic. On Sept. 22 about 5 a.m., she passed away here at home, as she had wanted.

She was and always will be a joy to those who knew her. God bless you all.


Kris Moen

Holmstead, Norway