Wishing could vote for Rice

To the editor:

There is very little I dislike about living in Saranac Lake, but one think I dislike a lot is that I will be unable to cast a vote for Barb Rice in the upcoming election for Franklin County legislator. I live in Essex County, just a stone’s throw from Franklin County. But what happens in Franklin County affects me and everyone else on this side of the line.

I think Barb Rice is the best candidate for the job for many reasons. Barb shows up. I see Barb all over the village helping out, engaging with the community, being involved. When there is something happening, Barb is there. She cares and is a wonderful communicator. She listens and then acts. And in this time of divisiveness and incivility, Barb is a negotiator and a calm voice for reason and compromise. I urge all my friends across the line in Franklin County to cast your vote for Barb. She’ll be great!

Gail Brill

Saranac Lake