Dabiew and Sherwin for Franklin County board

To the editor:

As we approach Nov. 5, Election Day, my thoughts go to the senior citizens in Franklin County and how they will be best served. Which combination of community leaders is required to ensure seniors will be served to the best of the county’s ability? Which leaders will put their personal agendas aside, will listen to senior problems and needs, and most importantly are strong enough to act in a responsible way to meet those needs? Everyone has an opinion on the matter, so I will stick to the facts as I know them today.

Two candidates have actively proven to me and many others that they have the qualities and characteristics needed to address senior issues: Don Dabiew and Carl Sherwin. Both of these individuals have taken the time to inquire and listen to senior issues. Both have worked with and for seniors in the community, proving their commitment and support to programs and services which support senior needs.

All citizens, but especially senior citizens, deserve strong, informed leaders. Vote for Don Dabiew and Carl Sherwin on Nov. 5. We deserve legislators who will listen and act on our behalf.

Susan M. Wilson-Scott


(Editor’s note: Don Dabiew is challenging incumbent Legislator Sue Robideau in District 5. Carl Sherwin is challenging Marc “Tim” Lashomb in District 4.)