Coroner reveals he is ‘extremely insensitive and inappropriate’

To the editor:

While visiting our village’s police department Facebook page last week, there were some troubling posts by several community members, but two very disturbing public comments were made by current Essex County Coroner Francis Whitelaw.

Although the Saranac Lake Police Department Facebook page rightly states that all who are arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, a few citizens will always taunt the arrested in their comments. Mr. Whitelaw did more. When it was evident to Francis one of those arrested had an ethnic name, he responded, “His attorney, Shish Kabob Bababooey would offer no comment on the case.”

Several readers and friends of the accused responded in the forum to this type of remark and called it “ignorant.” Mr. Whitelaw defended his position by following up in capital letters: “ignorance? nope. just extremely insensitive and inappropriate. Here’s the thing…..when it come to these turds, I JUST…….DON’T …………………..CAAAAAARE!!!!!!!!!!! Screw ’em.”

Francis Whitelaw writes to voters speaking of his sensitivity and compassion, yet admittedly shows none in his public outbursts. Essex County deserves better, and Mr. Whitelaw needs to apologize and discontinue his public racist commentary, or step down and resign his candidacy. The fact that he would make such abusive public remarks just prior to an election speaks volumes on his poor judgment and ethical shortcomings.

His comments were removed from the page, thankfully, after appropriate and thoughtful authorities were notified, but the voters of Essex County deserve to know this complete story regarding one of their public office holders. Again, we deserve better.

Frank Pastizzo

Saranac Lake