Dog killed beloved cat

To the editor:

I’m hoping you will let me address an irresponsible dog owner in your paper.

Today, Oct. 29, my father (Stanley Moody) put his cat out on a leash in his yard on Chaney Avenue, as he usually does every day. He puts his cat on a leash hooked to his back porch so Jamie won’t go in anyone’s yard to do his business or chase after birds. Jamie had a chair that he would lie in on the back porch and enjoy the fresh air and warm morning sunshine. He put Jamie out about 8:30 a.m., and when he went to check on him around 9 a.m., he found a horrific sight. His cat had been mauled to death by a large, loose dog. The attack was so vicious that the dog pulled him so hard that the ring holding the leash on Jamie’s collar unwound off his collar. This ring is similar to a keychain ring; imagine how hard it would be to unwind one of those. The VICIOUS DOG then dragged Jamie to the end of my dad’s yard and left him.

I went to all of the homes in the neighborhood that have dogs. I asked each homeowner if, by chance, their dog had gotten loose that morning or if they let their dog out untied that morning. Each person assured me that their dogs were all tied or in the house all morning. Each person gave me their condolences and said that their dogs would never do anything like that. Well, some irresponsible dog owner did, in fact, let their dog run loose that morning, and their precious, VICIOUS DOG did, in fact, KILL Jamie that morning. The police were called, but because we didn’t witness the killing of Jamie, there was nothing they could do. I called the dog control officer that afternoon to see if, by chance, he had picked up a loose dog that morning; he hadn’t. He was sorry to hear of the mauling and gave me his condolences. He said the school bus garage had called him to report a loose dog running around the school property that morning and early afternoon. He, however, was at work and couldn’t respond to the complaint.

My dad got Jamie from the animal shelter in Saranac Lake after my mother had passed away nine years ago. Jamie was my dad’s best buddy. Jamie was my dad’s companion to help him cope with the loss of his wife of 60 years. I hope the VICIOUS DOG’s owner reads this and owns up to being the THOUGHTLESS person they are. I would never wish a death like this on anyone’s animal.

Before anyone suggests it was a coyote that did this, if it was a coyote, it would have taken Jamie with him, not left him 15 feet from his favorite chair.

Thank you for allowing me to use your paper to tell people about what happened to Jamie that terrible morning.

James P. Moody

Tupper Lake