Town needs to sell Setting Pole Dam

To the editor:

To the taxpayers of Tupper Lake:

Why would YOU, the taxpayers, want to keep Setting Pole Dam?

By keeping the dam, here’s what YOU, the taxpayers, receive now:

-NOTHING! Zero! In fact it will cost money; YOU will pay!

By selling the dam, here’s how YOU, the taxpayer, would benefit:

-$400,000 purchase price paid to the town of Tupper Lake

-$12,000 paid annually to the town of Tupper Lake Youth Sports Program

-More than $10,000 per year paid in property taxes

-Additional charges paid directly to the local municipal electric department for wheeling electricity across existing lines

-Additional power for the local area that will help stabilize YOUR current electrical rates, especially during peak demand

-The town of Tupper Lake would save $35,000 by not having to make necessary repairs that are needed now; also, tens of thousands of dollars that would be needed for future expense in the next few years would be saved.

So, what would you prefer? Receive millions in up front and ongoing revenue, or receive nothing, with ongoing expenses?

Thank you, Supervisor Amell, Councilwoman Lefebvre and Councilman Fletcher. We can see who is looking out for the taxpayers!


Dian Connor

Tupper Lake