Critics are too quick to judge Frank Whitelaw

To the editor:

I am penning this letter to address the two letters to the editor from Frank Pastizzo and Nina Scheuer shouting out how Frank Whitelaw is racist.

I have known Frank for probably 40-plus years and can say that we have been very close friends through all of them. I remember as a boy, growing up at Petrova Middle School, Frank being jabbed at by kids some, and most were even friends just trying to get a laugh over his nationality. I, too, took my ribbings because as a child I wasn’t who I am now, but through it all it was only fun, and we would stand up in a fight for any one of those who sought laughter and not anyone’s pain in any of those occasions.

Through the years, some of us did not change. We still seek fun and say things that may be politically incorrect, but that’s the way we grew up, and we are all good, decent people. Frank grew up and became a great state trooper (I’m not being racist, but he got the job and I didn’t because he got extra points for being Hispanic), Bureau of Criminal Investigation and now Essex County coroner, and all that time he wore his uniform with honor and had never done anything to smear the name of New York state or Frank Whitelaw. I am and have been a local businessman for many years, and thank God I have more friends than enemies. And I think Frank can definitely say the same, but these letters go way past that. These people do not know Frank Whitelaw and only go by what looks politically correct. This has gone way too far to protect how everyone else feels. We, as citizens, lose more rights every day. This is still the United States of America.

To all my friends, and to all who are Adirondackers, please keep Frank Whitelaw as Essex County coroner. He really does care for each and every one of you.

Thank you,

Anthony Doty

Saranac Lake