Sincerity is refreshing

To the editor:

I have been working with Ed Goetz about the upcoming elections and why he is running. I expected to hear the usual political nonsense that “it’s time for change” or “the board has lost touch with the people,” but I was pleasantly surprised. His honest and specific answers to the questions I asked showed me that he understood the issues and had direction worth following.

Ed feels that the board has become complacent and needs someone that will help focus the future direction we wish to pursue. In his discussion relating to the budget process, he thinks we need more intelligent input from all interested parties. Often, freely given suggestions are worth incorporating into a better working “process.”

While discussing the pros and cons of our airport, Ed felt that perhaps the high-end users and Franklin County itself might be persuaded to contribute more to the operation of such a service here in Harrietstown.

After a lengthy interview with Ed Goetz, I came away feeling that he is an excellent candidate and, if elected, would serve us well.

Dennis C. Dwyer Sr.

Saranac Lake