Dam purchase pullout response

To the editor:

I am responding to the letter from Dennis Ryan, reported in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, regarding the sale of Setting Pole Dam.

Mr. Ryan states he does not want to submit his company to long-term litigation and it is not the scenario he envisioned. This is a false statement on his behalf. There is a difference between litigation and a permissive referendum that is allowable by law for the sale of town assets. I have not submitted the signed petition of town residents to the town clerk at this writing, and there are only 17 days left to turn in the petitions. Mr. Ryan’s company which he represents already has a contract approved by the town board. Why is he running away from this now? Mr. Ryan is quoted in the paper as saying the project has made the company a “ping-pong ball.” I would further clarify it as a football game “quarterback sneak.”

I will remind the community that the town board was split on the decision. Town Supervisor Roger Amell was quoted in the article as saying a couple of selfish people threatened him with a petition. Does Mr. Amell think the hundreds of town taxpayers who have signed the petitions so far are also selfish? The town people have a right under law to have a say how their town property is sold and where the money from the sale should go.

Mr. Amell is quoted in the same letter as saying, “The program that we had set up was a real good one.” I would ask, who set up? The town board had one meeting with Mr. Ryan that he gave a PowerPoint presentation at. At the same meeting it was decided to sell the dam and put it up for bid. This is not how a town government should run. The Tupper Lake residents want open government, that’s what Tupper Lake is about, and I further intend to submit the petitions for the reference of the town board.

Larry Reandeau

Tupper Lake