Disappointed by rail/trail vote

To the editor:

I was disappointed to see recent vote by Tupper Lake town board against the railroad. Despite Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates’ protestations to the contrary, the southern and northern ends of the railroad in use has been an economic success. Given that, I doubt the state will reverse field on the rail initiative, but common sense has never precluded our elected officials from rationality.

I believe Tupper Lake needs all of its resources to exist for the area to thrive. This includes the Adirondack Club and Resort, conservatory, golf club, Sunmount, Wild Center, up- and downtown businesses, and rails and trails. Throwing in the towel on even one of these enterprises would be a mistake. To say the only viable trail through the Adirondacks must involve ripping up the tracks ignores reality of the fact that said trail may never exist without rails due to the opposition of landowners and extreme environmentalists (one of whom sits prominently on ARTA’s board – take off the blinders, folks).

Tupper Lake is not an easily accessible area by any means. Yes, all roads do lead to Tupper, but they’re curvy, dangerous and lengthy in both time and distance. Taking away a possibly easy travel route for a vacationer or seasonal resident makes no sense – unless, of course, the ultimate goal really is to stifle outside visitation. (See prominent member of ARTA board.)

Perhaps living up there year-round can blind one to the fact of how difficult a trek it is to get there from all points on the compass. In this instance, I believe certain members of Tupper’s town board cannot see the forest for the trees.

Philadelphia Jones

Macon, Ga.