Maybe we can stop using campaign signs

To the editor:

Sheriff Richard Cutting of Essex County had a letter to the editor in the Enterprise on Friday, Oct. 11 about culprits stealing political campaign signs.

I see them as visual pollution and maybe they should not be allowed at all. As a start, they should be only on private property. Our campaign signs have been stolen from various sites, one from my front lawn, that read “Ed Goetz and Howard Riley for Town Board.” Signs that read Barb Rice for Franklin County legislator have been stolen from other sites. Further, the political parties sort of put them out in self-defense: If you have a sign, then I better have one also.

Maybe we could start something small, but worthwhile, in the town of Harrietstown and in the village of Saranac Lake, and have the political parties all agree for the next local election to eliminate campaign signs. The signs cost a lot of money, and I don’t believe they influence very many voters.

Howard Riley