Crossman holds onto Franklin County District 3 seat

Franklin County Legislator Gordon Crossman was re-elected to represent District 3.

Crossman, a Democrat, faced off against Republican and fellow Malone resident Mark Besio. The final count was fairly close – 566 to 490.

Crossman said he is looking forward to beginning his fifth term.

“I’m very happy to be representing the people of Brighton, and working with the wonderful people on the county board,” Crossman said.

Crossman also addressed concerns about how well the southern end of the county is represented.

“I intend to spend more time with the people down in that area,” Crossman said. “I’ve always been a big supporter. I’ve endeavored over the years to work with and help the people in that area.”

Education is of utmost importance to Crossman, who said supporting local colleges helps the entire region.

“One of the things I’ve always been a supporter and enthusiast for is Paul Smith’s College and North Country Community College,” Crossman said. “Education really is a big contributer to our county.”

To get things done, Crossman said he will rely upon his calm demeanor.

“You can make a point and there’s a way of working with people instead of being in their face, hollering and being argumentative,” Crossman said. “You start treating people in the state that way, and they turn you off immediately. If you can sit down with them and have a conversation, maybe they can see you as a reasonable person and maybe they’ll hear you and help you.”