Critic made questionable Amish joke

To the editor:

I write in response to the letters from Frank Pastizzo and Nina Sheuer, wherein they attack Francis Whitelaw’s humor – or, in their words, “racist” comments.

It is sad that we live in a world where we make personal attacks on one another, where what we do is one thing but when others do the same, it is viewed as completely differently.

After reading these letters, I wanted to know more about the individuals who have obviously never taken the time to know Mr. Whitelaw. Since Mr. Pastizzo’s Facebook page is set as public, I took the opportunity to read the comments on his page. In his post of May 30, I noted a comment made by him in reference to the Amish. He encourages the negative, “racist” comments from his friends in regard to that post! The Amish, really? What have they ever done to ANYONE?! Is this a racist thing or simply an Amish joke? Was Frank Whitelaw being racist, or was he simply making a joke? Perhaps we all need to lighten up a little and quit playing the “you offended me” game.

While I personally know Mr. Whitelaw, his sense of humor and heart, I know any comments he made that seemed to be racists were simply in a joking manner. You could never find a more dedicated, caring person to assist you in any personal issue, whether it be life or death!

Jenny Tozzi

Tucson, Ariz.

(Editor’s note: Here’s the May 30 Facebook post by Frank Pastizzo, to which Ms. Tozzi refers: “What thee?!? I can’t find any of my Amish friends on Facebook.”)